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FOR COVID Impacted Businesses

If your business has been adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, getting back on track may be a struggle. Having a great marketing strategy and execution will help speed up the process of making your business thrive again.

42 North Marketing will offer FREE 10hrs of Marketing services.
- No gimmic
- No catch
- No hidden cost

Whether you need logo creation, web design, consultation, etc., we’re here to help. The 10 hours of service is absolutely free and there is no commitment afterward. We’ve consistently delivered quality results to our customers, and we would like to offer those services to businesses currently struggling.


We’ve had customers who wanted to build a website, only to find out that their logo is not properly created, inhibiting them from making any changes, such as size and color. And this happens WAY TOO OFTEN. Business owners are constantly grinding to perfect their skill, and ultimately, sell their product or service. Small issues early on, such as branding your product without the proper logotype, will ultimately lead to either a rebranding, or a poor quality website.

42N Marketing has also come across clients who have amazing websites and logos, but their number of sales, leads and conversions stayed constant without growth. Those clients need proper Google SEO and SEM guidance to become easily findable on search platforms and social media pages.


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We know that your buisness is your lifeline, and as much as you try, you can't do everything by yourself. Consider us an extension of your marketing team, then to support your company and lend a helping hand.
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