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About Kavkaz Express

Kavkaz Express LLC is a reputable transportation company headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in Illinois and Indiana. Since 2012, Kavkaz Express LLC has provided manufacturers, brokers, and shippers with the highest level of service in the transportation industry. By doing so, they earned the reputation of a trusted and transparent partner.

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Kavkaz Express

The Problem

With the transportation aspect of the company well-established and organized, the leadership of Kavkaz Express LLC decided to focus more on the administrative and marketing aspects of the company. One of the first steps in that direction, after bringing on a new Director of Marketing, was to improve their online presence. Kavkaz Express LLC was in need of a new website.

After doing their research, they entrusted the team of 42 North Marketing with the task of designing and building a brand-new website. The new website was to be bold, innovative, and different from other websites in the transportation industry.


What we did

After the initial consultation with the client, our team started outlining the initial design of the website. We knew that we needed to get "out there" with the design and that the "typical" will not be enough. And after many hours of research, we came up with a design that was approved. A few weeks later, the new Kavkaz Express LLC website was born. Check out thew new website by visiting www.kavkazexpress.com.
Kavkaz Express lacked a digital presence across all platforms.

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