SEO is the most important aspect of marketing
that you never hear about
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SEO. If you don’t know what that means, and how to leverage it - someone in your market will, and they will take your clients. They may not be better than you, deliver a better product, or have superior customer service. However, if they’re leveraging SEO and you’re not - they win.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is based on what are called keywords, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Keywords are certain words and phrases that are often googled in regards to a particular niche or market. Acceptable SEO ensures your content contains these keywords in order be found on google and other search engines. GREAT SEO is a combination of keywords, meta tags, and extraordinary written content; that’s exactly what 42 North Marketing delivers.

Our work process


It’s important that we know EVERYTHING there is to know about your market, and what their interests truly are. For example, if you’re a skateboard company - it’s not as easy as saying “my niche likes skateboards.” It’s a little more complex than that in today’s markets. We need to dive into the data to understand how your niche consumes media, where they get it, their other interest and what social media platforms they’re utilizing. It’s this information, mixed with quality content writing and the right SEO keywords that enable us to carve out your piece of the pie.


It’s one thing for your potential client to click on your website or social media post - it’s another thing entirely for them to be engaged when they get there. In digital marketing, we have one opportunity to initially hook a viewer. If the content isn’t engaging and rich, it’s very easy for them to click or scroll away and never return. However, if we can not only keep them engaged, but leave them wanting more - we are beginning to build brand loyalty. This is the way.


Once you’ve begun to build brand loyalty with a few strong brand supporters, we can then begin to build an organic community around your product. A place where like minded individuals can share tips, tricks and information related to your niche. This is how some of the biggest branding success stories have taken their markets over in the last decade.



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