Is Something Missing in Your
Marketing Strategy?

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Is Something Missing in Your Marketing Strategy?

A good digital marketing strategy can make or break a business, no matter what size or sector. Without digital marketing and the understanding of why it’s so important, you could be missing out on some crucial leads, and your conversion rate might be very low.

If you’ve noticed that you’re not making the sales you might have expected even though you are posting to and working on social media marketing, writing blogs, creating videos, engaging with customers, networking on LinkedIn, and sending out newsletters, then there must be something else missing in your marketing strategy. After all, everything we’ve listed above is the right thing to do – it’s what business owners are told will help them. So, if it’s not helping, there has to be something else that needs to be fixed. Read on for some help in this matter.

Start At the Beginning

The best thing to do if you find your marketing techniques are not working in the way you want them to, or the way you’ve been told they should, is to start at the beginning and get back to basics. It’s crucial to look through your entire strategy – perhaps with the help of a specialized digital marketing agency – to see what might have gone wrong.

In essence, the best thing to do is to see exactly who is currently coming to your website. This can be done through market research and through examining your stats on Google Analytics, for example. Of course, you will want your website traffic to add up to your ideal customer, and discovering their age, gender, and location will help you formulate a new marketing plan if need be – it might be that you are marketing to the wrong people, and therefore your strategy isn’t paying off in the way it should.

If you find an issue with any of the three important indicators (location, age, and gender) of your ideal customer, you can change your marketing strategy accordingly. For example, perhaps you want customers from Chicago, but you’re getting visitors from the UK. In that case, change your keywords and write blogs focusing on the location. The same is true for age and gender.

Build Up

Once you know who is visiting your site (that is, once you know who is most interested in what you do), you’ll need to know what they do once they get there. What pages are they looking at? How long are they spending there? Which of your blogs is read the most? Understanding this means you can take those pages and improve on them.

The blog is the easiest one to start with. If there is a specific blog that your potential customers are reading, but they’re still not buying, then that blog can be slightly amended to help make the sale. It could be that all that’s needed is a call to action or perhaps a link to the product being discussed. On the other hand, it could be that you need to add another section. Maybe more keywords would help.

Think about your contact page too. If people come to your site, look around, and go to your contact page but then leave before they get in touch; what could be the problem? Look at the page objectively and make the necessary changes. For example, the color scheme, font, or the information included there could all be off-putting.

If you’re unable to determine just what the issue might be and what’s missing from your marketing strategy, get in touch with an expert who can advise you. It could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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