The Top 5
Digital Marketing Trends
For 2023

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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

Whether you’re new to marketing or have years of experience helping your business rise to the top, you depend on current digital marketing trends. By staying up-to-date with leading digital marketing strategies, businesses can maintain high rankings on search engines and expand lead conversions.

At 42 North Marketing, we help businesses succeed through digital brand development and marketing. In this blog, we cover the top five digital marketing trends every company or brand should leverage in 2023.

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Why Staying Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends Matters

Many established businesses hesitate to venture into new digital channels for marketing, choosing to rely on marketing methods they’ve tested and found successful.

This tried-and-true mentality often limits a business from capitalizing on new opportunities, such as social media marketing. As you may be aware, social media marketing has become more critical than ever for brand growth and lead conversion.

Often, new marketing trends simply build on previously established trends. What may look like a brand new way of marketing digitally actually plays on technology we may have used before.

Whether you’re using new strategies or applying established methods in new ways, keeping current with digital marketing trends gives you a leading edge. Read on below to learn more about the trends to employ for your business in 2023.

2023’s Top 5 Leading Digital Marketing Trend

Here are the five top leading digital marketing trends in 2023:

#1: Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve been anywhere online in the last few months, you’ve probably seen many mentions of different artificial intelligence programs and platforms. This technology recently skyrocketed in popularity among general consumers thanks to platforms dedicated to generating art. In recent months, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used for work in marketing to create advertisement graphics, videos, and more.

AI has worked for years in quieter roles. Algorithms, the backbone of AI, determine what social media users see in their individual feeds, which push notifications they receive, and which ads complement their experience. By understanding how these algorithms work, businesses can optimize their social media presence to increase traffic and lead conversion.

#2: Tapping Influencers

Businesses have been partnering with social media influencers for years to help spread brand awareness and generate product and service reviews. Popular ways to partner with influencers include paid sponsorships for online video content, complimentary products in exchange for detailed video or text reviews, and more.

Remember that influencer content can impact brand image as well. Choose influencers whose content aligns with your target brand voice and audience. To learn more about partnering with influencers on social media and video platforms, work closely with a trusted digital marketer in your area.

#3: Prioritizing the Customer Experience

Many businesses have highlighted improving the customer experience as part of their 2023 digital strategy. By improving the customer experience, companies can generate positive word-of-mouth and establish themselves as a preferred brand among target audiences.

Some ways that companies are prioritizing improving the customer experience include:

  • Providing concise and informative content
  • Optimizing all digital content for multiple platforms, including mobile
  • Offering automated and live customer help through chat
  • And more

Work with an experienced digital marketing team to find more ways to make your company’s customer experience unforgettable.

#4: Employee Advocacy and Representation

Today’s consumers like to know that the businesses they interact with treat their employees well. By creating employee advocacy and representation within your work culture, you can improve customer relationships by working from the inside out.

Allowing for employee representation in digital spaces increases awareness of your brand or company’s ethics. Also, letting potential clients online get to know the team they’re working with helps form a more solid foundation for business connections.

#5: Short Video Content

Much of today’s media consumption comes in the form of short videos. On various social media and blog platforms, short videos serve as a way to communicate humor, important ideas, and product reviews.

Creating engaging, memorable short video content gives companies a new way to tap into today’s digital marketing world. Learn more by working with teams like the one you’ll find here at 42 North Marketing.

Other Trends to Keep an Eye On

Want to keep an eye on every trend in the market? Some notable runner-ups to this list include:

  • The Metaverse
  • Voice Search SEO
  • Conversational Marketing
  • And more

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